Colgate Student Lecture Forum


Intellectual Diversity and Critical Questioning
Learning should not stop at the classroom door. The Student Lecture Forum (SLF) seeks to unite the campus and the classroom by providing students opportunities to engage in out-of-class discussions with each other and their professors, and also, present speeches, and share their creative and scholarly work in SLF sponsored publications. SLF’s primary goal is to promote intellectual diversity and critical questioning on campus.

“SLF Asks . . .”
Every Wednesday at 6:00 in Lathrop 002, SLF hosts an informal small group discussion. A thought-provoking question is posed and a lively discussion ensues! Food and beverages are served.

University Scholars Dinners Series
Each week, SLF takes a professor out to dinner to discuss a selected piece of the professor’s scholarly work that the group has read.

Public Speaking Contests and Undergraduate Research Conferences
SLF also hosts three public speaking contests per year that address significant issues and award cash prizes. One of the public speaking contests is held in conjunction with a conference on undergraduate research where students present their scholarship in 15-20 minute expository speeches.


–March 1–Lawrence 105–11:00 AM–

If you want to spend some leisure time outside of class socializing with other students who share your enthusiasm for intellectual conversation and critical discussion, you will enjoy being a member of the Student Lecture Forum. In addition, you will gain valuable experience organizing and conducting SLF’s recurring public events.

Join: SLF

Contact: Director, Asabi Rawlins ’16

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